Reef Fishing In Singapore with Micro Jigs and Top Water Lures

Reef Fishing In Singapore with Micro Jigs and Top Water Lures

We went fishing at the Southerns Islands of Singapore once again in our friend's new boat. This time Jith and his friend Neal joined Oswald and me as we set off in search of some long finned trevally and other reef species.

Spanish Flag on the BlueBlue SeaRide Mini

Jith scored early at the first spot, catching a Spanish Flag on his BlueBlue SeaRide Mini jig. Oswald and i were casting poppers and a naughty Long Tom aka Todak took Oswald's Feed Cone popper home as a souvenir much to his disgust.

Golden Trevally on the Zetz Smelt TG

A nice golden trevally on the Zetz Smelt Tungsten jig that put up a sizzling run and attracted the attention of a big black tip. Fortunately the shark didn't managed to get to the fish and make a meal out of it.

Green was his colour of choice for this trip

Another fish on the same jig a couple of minutes later. A honey comb grouper. Jith and Neal were getting contact but not from anything sizeable. The little blue hinds had taken a real fancy for their BlueBlue SeaRide Minis.

Double hook up on the Zetz Smelt TG jigs in Green and Silver Lumo colours

The sea was flat and there was absolutely no wind as we approached mid-day. We scored a double hook up of a sagai and a coral trout. Both of which were hooked up at a small coral patch as we drifted slowly with the current in the blistering heat.

Another one on the Zetz Smelt TG Green

As the current picked up the sagai became a little more active. Oswald hit a decent sized one which made his Stella C2000S scream a couple of times. A group of sharks showed up but the fish managed to evade the tax men.

Zetz Smelt TG in Silver Lumo works well for me in overcast conditions

I hit my first long finned trevally after a little snack to replenish my energy. I had to switch to a heavier 14g size to get down into the strike zone quickly as the wind had picked up and it was pushing the boat in the opposite direction from the current.

Spanish Flag on the Zetz Smelt TG Silver Lumo 

Another fish for me a couple of minutes later. This time a Spanish Flag. My 12lb Sunline fluorocarbon leader was damaged as the fish tried to dash back into the reef. I had to re-tie while the other guys continued to jig. 

Sagai on the Ima Pugachev Cobra

The guys didn't have any more hits on jig so i swapped to a walk the dog lure and made a cast as close as i could to the reef's edge. As i worked the lure, a V trail formed behind it and an explosive take connected me with a nice long fin trevally.

Juvenile GT on the Feed Bell popper

Oswald borrowed my lucky orange popper again after seeing me connect with my fish and scored a small GT to end the day.  Do bring along some top water lures if you plan on doing some reef fishing at the southern islands. It is extremely fun. 

Til the next time, Tight Lines!

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