Wet And Stormy Day At Southern Islands

A friend of ours got a new boat and we were invited to go fishing on the maiden voyage. It was a last minute sort of thing and i wasn’t able to get enough friends to fill the boat at such short notice. I put out a notice on FishingKaki.com’s Facebook Group and got a message from Silas. After a brief chat, we decided that 3 pax was good to go.

Selar Papan on Zetz Smelt TG Jig

We met up at RSYC and set off after introducing ourselves. We reached the first spot and were greeted by an onslaught of juvenile queenfish. These guys were about a kilo each and feeding voraciously. They kept us entertained for a couple of hours and occasionally we breeched the queenies and hit some small Long Finned Trevally aka Sagai and other species.

Sagai on Feed Popper

The Queenies went silent as the tide turned and distant rumbling indicated that a storm was fast approaching. The fish were totally not going after jigs. As the rain drops began to fall i noticed some Sagai hunting bait fish on the surface at the edge of the reef. I switched to a popper as it began to pour and hooked up with a nice sized fish on my Feed Popper.

Double Hook Up on Feed Popper and Ima Air Cobra Popper

Silas threw out his ima air cobra popper after that and hit one as well. Oswald decided that he was going to “borrow” my lucky feed popper as he didn’t bring any lures and hooked up with a fish barely a meter away from where Silas had caught his fish. By this time we were soaking wet and the wind wasn’t helping one bit.

Last fish of the day on Xesta Micro Bee

We hit a couple more fish in the storm and when the rain stopped Oswald hit one more on the Xesta micro bee before we decided to head home. It was a fun trip despite the shitty weather. Silas is a really cool guy and we would love to fish with him again. We head out in a couple of days with more new friends so til then, tight lines - Isaiah

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