Xesta Micro Bee

The Xesta Micro Bee is something i discovered by accident while shopping for my usual fix of tungsten jigs for my monthly micro jigging fix on board Ocean Max. It caught my eye as i was walking past an isle filled with jigs of assorted shapes, sizes and colours. I had an inkling that the leaf shaped profile on a smaller jig might come in handy. I chose three colours which i felt will cover a range of fishing conditions and bought some assist hooks to match them as they came rigged with a single treble hook.

The first time i took the Micro Bee out for a spin, it was very effective for me when targeting the Long Fin Trevally - more commonly known as Sagai locally. The fish on that day were holding in  the middle of the water column and the tungsten jigs sank past them too quickly. I switched to the Micro Bee and and dropped it into the water. I use a light spinning outfit for micro jigging so i have a habit of controlling the line while the jig sinks just in case i get a bite on the drop. Lo and Behold! on the first try, barely 10 seconds after my first drop, my line shot out suddenly as the jig was sinking! I closed the bail arm and set the hook. After a brief battle a familiar silvery silhouette showed up at the end of the line.

The next few casts yielded back to back fishes for me and soon my companions were raiding my tackle box for the Micro Bee! We didn't even have to work the jig, the micro bees fluttered as they were sinking and the fish were reacting to them aggressively. We ended the day full of smiles as we knew we had a new ace up our sleeves when fishing in the southern islands.

On the next trip we had a slow current and the Long Fin were scattered and not really active. Again our tungsten jigs didn't seem to attract any interest. I switched to the Micro Bee and let the jig sink. There were no takes on the drop so i began to jig with a moderate speed and included a pause between every 3 strokes similar to how we jig for Ebek in Pekan. Success! Fish on! The fish were closer to the bottom this time and this method worked well in getting the fish to bite.

I also hooked up some yellow tail fusiliers by hopping the jig of the bottom close to a reef. (be cautious as you employ this technique as you will get snagged if you come into contact with hard coral) I lost some jigs to some suspected groupers with this method. My tackle was simply not strong enough to power these brutes out of their holes! When the current picked up the bite turned on and i was able to land more fish on the Micro Bee on a fast jigging style. I also ran into some spotted mackerel which took some of my jigs home with them. 

I primarily use the 12g Micro Bee and the key to work it effectively is to know how the jig works and understanding the area you are fishing in. The presentation has to suit your fishing conditions. The image above should give you a rough idea on how to work this small but potent jig. I never leave home for a micro jigging trip without the Xesta Micro Bee anymore as they have caught me and my friends countless fish even in challenging situations.

I am doing my first ever giveaway on our Facebook Page to reward you guys, my readers for your support over the years. Simply click on the link and follow the instructions on the video to stand a chance to win a Micro Bee 12g jig! This is contest is international and open to everyone. Good Luck! Three lucky winners will be announced on the 31st of January on our Facebook Page.

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