Burma Banks: Slow Pitch Jigging on Polaris One

Bonding Over Fishing with His Dad

 Adwin went to Burma Banks with his dad on board Polaris One. His target species for this trip were the Black Groupers. The 6 day (4 Days of Fishing) trip was organized by his friend KC Lau. He told me it was physically exhausting to fish at such depths with such heavy jigs when the others on the trip were using electric reels!!!

Biggest of the trip for him
In addition to the Black Groupers, he also managed to get some GT (His Biggest to Date), Rosy Jobfish, Mangrove Jacks and several smaller Tuna species. They were fishing at an average depth of 80 to 150m. But went deeper to 180-230m for the Black Groupers. Jigs used were in the 120-500g range from several brands he had bought to try. His tackle recommendation for this trip would be to use a Rod that is in the PE4 range paired with OJ4000P or OJ5000P Reel (Or Equivalent) for the Black Grouper and a PE 2 Rod paired with OJ2000HG (Or Equivalent) for the other species like GT, Jobfish, Tuna and Mangrove Jacks.

Another Personal Best

Another Landed

Apparently they hit the jigs on the first few cranks
Taken on the Drop.
Some Heavy Lifting Required
Total Catch
Rosy Jobfish
MJs and some Long Nose Emperors
The Fallen Giants


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