Soft Plastics at Pasir Ris Pro Pond

Went to Pasir Ris Pro Pond for a luring session with Lemuel. Bite rate was slow but we managed to score a few on the Zerek Flat Shad and Zerek Flash Minnow Wriggly. We were using the new Zerek Naginata Rods. The lures were pretty easy to work with. I was just casting out the Flat Shad and letting it sinking before slow cranking the lure back, while Lemuel rigged his Flash Minnow Wriggly with a Zerek marsh slider jighead and bounced it off the bottom. We hit 16 in total. Dropped 4. Burst 2. I landed 6 on the Flat Shad and Lemuel landed 4 on the LFM Wriggly. Below are some pictures of our catches.