A visit to Melaka

They liken themselves to Texas!

Earlier this year, i went on a slow pitch jigging trip to Melaka. Since no one in the group had been there before, we engaged the transportation services of Drive Angels. It was a comfortable and smooth journey up that took about the same time as a trip to Rompin. We arrived at about 7am and were greeted by a very nostalgic atmosphere.

The fishing on the day wasn't the best. We had a dead current for most of the morning. We were fishing at depths of about 40m. The tide turned after lunch and a grouper was landed by Lemuel. A short while later 350g jigs were flying in the current. The Captain put out his drift anchor to try to ensure that we were not drifting past the drop zone before the jigs hit bottom. But it was truly difficult with the wind and current. We lost several jigs but the captain's antics were enough to keep the morale high on the boat. Jimmy shared several tips and techniques that would prove useful in upcoming trips.We'll be back when time permits.

Jimmy is a very experienced and resourceful captain who is a slow pitch enthusiast. He doesn't do any other type of fishing on his boat. So if you are headed that way do get in touch with him here.

 Tackle Used:

Rods: ATC Vulcan PE 2, Yamaga Galahad Slow 63/3, Evergreen Poseidon 603-5
Reels: Shimano Ocea Jigger 1500HG, 1501HG, 2000HG
Jigs: ATC Venom, Shout Cradle, Xesta Slow Flap, JM Slow Fallings, Saltiga Sacrifice 180-300g

Drive Angels MPV will comfortably sit 5

This river leads to the Marina

Breakfast. A word of caution, when they offer choices of small, medium or large, don't choose large.

Sea Plane Docked at the Marina. 

Plenty of sea front developments in progress

Mosque with a sea view!

The current was dead and the fish were not biting

The tide turned and Lemuel lands the only sizable fish of the trip on the ATC Vulcan PE 2 rod

Dinner was at Jonker Street as recommended by friends

Cheap and tasty. The butter chicken on the right was the standout dish.

Hello Kitty themed Tri Shaw. Saw a couple of them around.

Some of the guys went to check this place out
Some treats for my family.