Linggiu Dam with Capt Badol

So the monsoon came and all the SW trips came to an end late November. Looking for a new way to kill some itch, we decided to give Capt Badol's FW trip at Linggiu a try. We were the third group in line to try Linggiu out. The results of the two other groups were not exactly what we hoped it would be. Bad weather hampered most of their trip.

Soon it was our turn. The group heading up on the 2D1N trip consists of Lala, the Tay brothers, Adwin and Andre, Morgan and myself. We had some trouble with our transport situation the night before the trip as the driver suddenly decided that he wanted to charge $200 more than the agreed price. Quick action from Capt Badol, resolved this easily and an alternative transport was arranged.

After an uneventful journey, we finally met up with Capt Badol and Zam. We were introduced to Robin, who was learning the ropes from Capt Badol on FW fishing. After a quick breakfast, we set off into the plantation. It takes about 30 minutes on a 4X4 to get to the camp site. Once there we quickly unloaded the stuff, set up our tackle and set off on a muddy 10 minute walk to the launch site. Zam, would be taking the Tay brothers, while Lala, Morgan and myself were on Robin's boat. Badol came along to guide Robin.

We set off, and were quickly mesmerised by the scenic view. The Captains navigated from point to point by using two mountains as reference point. We were told that we would be fishing grass islands first. Out came the Buzzbaits and Jump Frogs. The key is to cast as close as you can to the grass and crank away. Many a time, the hit would come just off the grass where the drop off began. Sometimes, they came close to a branch or log.  ( on the first trip we did not hit any fish on the grass island)

We split ways at the grass island and soon started heading into coves and inlets. Here targeting the structure is key. Overhanging branches, submerged logs and other hiding areas will hold fish. A variety of lures can be used here. Buzz Baits, Jump Frogs, Walk the Dog lures or if the water is a little deeper, minnows, spinnerbaits and rubber lures can be used. It was here that Morgan hit his first Toman of the trip on a spinner bait. After a quick photo, the fish was released and we resumed fishing.

Capt Badol hit a couple on  the Zerek Gecko, which is a noisy walk the dog lure. Morgan hit a few more before lunch and then we went to meet the other boat to have some lunch. While we were having a lunch, a bunch of small Sebaraus came to visit. Out came the spoons and small lures. These are great fun and you can occasionally hit a good sized one. ( Lala had a nice one on our 2nd trip)

I hit my first fish of the trip about an hour after lunch. I was using a walk the dog lure ( i believe it was a Surecatch Range Slider)  in an area with many submerged logs. The fish took the lure close to the boat. As the water is clear, you can actually see the fish follow and hit the lure. This is where you cannot pull the trigger early. Be calm and wait for the fish to hit the lure and go down before you set the hook. ( Thanks Morgan!) Due to their size, i can honestly say that i underestimated the fight of these fish. They are small but very feisty. After a quick picture, the fish was released.

Some times the fish will follow the lure all the way back to the boat but not hit it. We had several of these instances and it can be quite frustrating. Just keep casting! Morgan landed a couple more on his Jackall Lures, before Robin hit the biggest fish of the day at 8lbs.

At the end of the first day, Everyone on the boat except Lala had landed a fish. We headed back and learnt from the Tay brothers that they had a slow day. With a hungry belly and high hopes for the next day, we headed back to camp. We washed up in a stream and got ready for dinner. ( There are no toilets, shower or drinking water there)

Dinner was delicious. Capt Badol is a great cook. Zam and Robin were good company. After dinner, Lala and i stayed up with the Boatmen for some whisky and card games while the Tay brothers and Morgan went to bed. There are mosquitos there so bring insect repellent. At about 11pm we called it a night.

The next morning we set off early after a quick breakfast, to catch the Tomans at first light. We would only be fishing for half a day as we wanted to go back early as most of us were working the next day.

At the first spot, i had a hit but the fish missed my lure. Morgan who casted just behind me, had his lure smashed. Fish On!!! First fish of the day. Things were looking good. It was a bit windy and when i casted towards some sunken branches, the wind blew my line into the branches. As i tried to free the line, a Toman hiding under the structure took the lure. It was hilarious. But due to some quick work from Morgan we got the fish free from the snag and it was brought boat side. Luck would not have it though as the fish slipped away when Morgan tried to net it. The treble got stuck on the net and the fish wriggled free. Oh Well! Thats fishing. I would return the favour to Morgan on his second fish. (learning to net properly is a must. Or you can use a Boga. Robin, however insisted we use a net for the welfare of the fish.) I missed another another fish due to an open hook and Morgan landed another one shortly after. This time i netted correctly. As time was running out, we headed into one last cove. Here we saw several schools of fries. We let Lala have a go at them while, we took a break. He finally managed to land one 3 minutes before we were scheduled to stop. I lost the last fish of the trip due to an opened hook. The fish chased and smashed my minnow from 10 metres away. Robin and i saw it hit the lure while Morgan and Lala were trying to free Lala's lure from a snag. The hook pulled just as the fish dove under at boat side.

We headed back and spotted Zam and the Tay Brothers grinning and waiting with their lines in the water. A triple hook up at the launch area. They told us they needed help with a photo. unfortunately for them some of the fish wriggled free. Haha. What an end to the trip. After a quick lunch we made our trip home.

We would re-visit Linggiu over the next 3 months. We made new friends (Hello Jeremy) and poisoned our other friends to go along and have a go at these magnificent fishes from Linggiu.

Launching Point

Beautiful View

Taking a break

Morgan's 1st fish caught on a Spinner Bait

Capt Badol with his first catch

Lunch Break

My 1st fish from Linggiu

Dinner Time

 Chef and his Assistant

 Morgan's Fish on Jump Frog

Andre's fish on Trairao 

 Adwin's Black Beauty

 Capt Zam's Loner

Robin's Watermelon

Another one for Adwin on a walk the dog lure

Ain't she a beauty?

Lala's Last Minute Goal!

 Carl with a nice fish on a tough day to fish!

 Lady Luck Smiling on Lala. His 1st Sebarau

 He did well on the 2nd trip

Jeremy with the Zerek Gecko

 Catching these guys are not easy. Zam with a nice sebbie during lunch
 Ouch! Kenneth's Sebarau smashed his spoon

Tiny Fish on Zerek Vibe

 Lala's Camera Skills

 My last fish from Linggiu

On a Surecatch Gobimaru

The season starts again late November. Give it a go!


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