Monster Pond

We had a Salthead's Gathering at the newly opened Monster Pond to celebrate William's 45th Birthday.
Since we had a luring session in the morning, we decided to bait at the pond and see what fish would be willing to tango with us at the end of the line. We were in for a treat.

A Vampire Characin

We headed over at about 12pm, to find one of the owners, Abel, already waiting for us. You can bring your own dead fish bait or buy live tilapia at the pond itself. After setting up in a couple of minutes, the fishing commenced. Do note that you can only use 5/0 circle hooks (DE-BARBED). It wasn't long before someone had a bite. Unfortunately, in his excitement the angler tried to set the hook, and the fish escaped. Laughter and a little bit teasing followed, as we reminded the angler that you do not strike when using a circle hook. All you have to do is reel in the slack like quick and move your rod until it make a nice arch and the hook will be set right in the corner of the fish's mouth.

We were told that there are some big boys in the pond like a 4ft long CPC, some Red Tail Cats and some huge Gars. Chances of hooking on to these guys are high as the pond is not huge. However, you would need to get past the ever alert Snakeheads, Gars and Pacu who have a knack of hitting the bait as soon as it hits the water. William, managed to do that and was rewarded with a nice RTC. His friend Leong Seng on the other hand, was on a roll with the most species landed. The highlight of which was a Sebarau or Jungle Perch. Lemuel and Samuel staked out the right side of the pond. Lemuel landed a couple of small Gars and followed it up with a beautiful Pacu. Sam, hooked up an Arowana which put on a spectacular aerial display before being subdued. Poor Botak kept getting his leader bitten off. He did land a Snakehead on a goalkeeper cast. Oswald, was taught a lesson in patience by Luke and landed a Snakehead before we called it a day. For maximum fun bring light tackle, but remember to use a thicker leader.

 A mixture of Pacu, Gar, Snakehead, Sebarau, Tarpon, Arowana, Walking Cat, Barramundi and Red Tail Cat were landed during the rainy session. Both of the owners, Abel and Angus, were extremely helpful and offering tips throughout the session. The birthday boy landed the biggest Red Tail and his little princess landed the biggest Gar of the trip. The rest of us had a blast too. We are definitely coming back for another session. Maybe a morning session to try some top water luring as the owners recommended.

Botak's Toman

Sam's Acrobat

 The Master Baiter!

 Birthday Boy!

New Pose

Our very own ninja with a snakehead

Oswald getting tuition from Luke

 What a beauty

 Small but feisty

 Sebarau. 'No Fight' He Said. 'Drop to light tackle' We said

 Lemuel handling the fish with ease

Biggest Gar of the day.

 errr. smallest Gar of the day

 Finally rewarded after listening to his Shifu! 



Landing tank


Having fun as always.

Happy Birthday William!