Weekend Catch & Release; Or as we call it, the Os Show.

So another weekend rolled around. Earlier during the week, Isaiah had received specific instructions to return with some snappers. And since we hadn't fished at Pasir Ris Pro Pond in a while, we decided to make our way on a sunny Saturday afternoon to get our fix...

I met up with Isaiah and Os before heading down to Catchbay to get some supplies. Before long we're a little dismayed that the Pro Pond was crowded; we got there a little too late, and all the choice spots were taken.

We instead shifted over to the CnR pond, here are the pictures from our day in the sun.

Somebody got spooled.

This guy was on fire.

William and his pet Barramundi decided to make an appearance later in the day.

Yes, I got in on the action too. Taken on a Zerek Cherabin.

All in all, it was a fun day, that ended with MOST of us satisfied. I think we still need to get to the Pro Pond for a decent session there...

Soon fishies...




Update: Isaiah's snapper quest was fulfilled, but not on this day :P


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