ITE Sportfishing Club

It's really been quite awhile since i have blogged. Not that i haven't been fishing, but i just really have no time to sit down, and put into words the happenings of my trips.

The new job at SureCatch has presented more opportunities for me to fish. As the fishing instructor for ITE Sportfishing Club, i have been tasked with teaching the next generation of anglers the proper techniques and etiquette. I get to take this group of kids, (if i may refer to them as such) out fishing every Friday. They a mixed bunch. Some of them are total newbies and some of them are more experienced. It was a challenge in the first few lessons to keep every one interested. I had a particularly hard time during a knot tying lesson, with a hearing impaired student who is part of the group. But we have since over come the communications barrier.

It is through this CCA, that i got to know the current president Oswald. He happens to be my neighbor and an excellent fishing kaki. He has this amazing knack for spotting fish. He spotted a couple of Tomans in the first and second outdoor lesson, and although i got the hook up, (Sorry! old man got a little lucky) we worked as a team and brought the fish in. It turned out to be quite motivating for the other members to watch us bring in the mamas. Now they all want a big toman on lure! Here are some photos from our recent trip to Fishing Paradise at Bottle Tree and LSR.

Lionel and his Pacu

Lance hooked onto a Patin

Lionel with his Sultan fish

Selvam's Patin (he is hearing impaired)

ITE Sportfishing Club and my Toman

Oswald's Toman the following week, landed with Patrick(below left) and Adwin's help

The next few posts will include a Pulau Ubin Seabass Trip, a pole fishing trip at the new pole pond at No.2 FW1, a visit to Pasir Ris Pro Pond for some luring and a product testing trip to pasir ris C&R Pond.

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