No.2 FW 1 - The Long Awaited Return

It's been awhile since i visited Panjang. Between the house and settling into the new job, i hardly had time for any fishing. Since my friend Stephen (not to be confused with Lala) aka Botak, had come back from his work stint in Canada for good. We decided to pay a visit to Panjang's Pond.

Picked Botak and Jith up, and off we went to the pond. We were the first to arrive. I guess they have sorted their licensing issues and they are now back to 24/7 operations. Do note that the price will increase with effect from July 1st. It will be $60 for 5 hours instead of the usual $50. They have also shut down the event pond. (It's being renovated for prawning or something.)

Got down to fishing and all my usual holes were turning out blanks. Couple more guys showed up and started fishing. One lucky one got 2 in a row at the goal posts. Panjang grabbed my rod and went hunting. Jith and Botak targeted different spots, and in a short while Panjang walked back grinning with a little Seabass. Told me i lost my touch.

No more fishes were landed til fish release. Nothing eventful as the frenzy died off shortly. I am really out of practice here as i kept hitting the net! (Much to Panjang's amusement) In the end we managed a respectable 2 fish each before calling it a day as the temperature and haze increased. Need to get back to form at my home ground. You guys should definitely check out his new parrot! Til the next session! (When ever that might be.)  Tight Lines!


  1. Good to see you're back fishing. Was there alone on fri n managed double digit hookups n 5 missed hookups/bustoffs. The fish sometimes act weirdly as even after fish release, the don't feed frenzily like it used to. Ystrday was fish delivery too n at least 10-15 2-3kg groupers were released straight into pond. Gonna be a good weekend fishin!

  2. Hey Glen! Thats fantastic. Was supposed to go this morning but something came up for one of the kakis so had to cancel. Will drop by later in the evening to check out the catch rate!


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