Desaru with Capt Badol

Having had a ball of a time in Rompin last weekend, we were eagerly anticipating our season opener in Desaru this weekend with Capt. Badol. My arm was feeling better and we excited seeing all his recent catch reports. On the eve of our trip, Lala called to say he couldn't go as he had fractured 2 fingers in his right arm. After much persuasion not to forgo the trip, he agreed to come along.

We set off at 5.30am for a slow drive down to Desaru. Captain told us to meet him at 8am at the usual place. We got there at 7.30am and he was already there. Had a quick breakfast got our supplies and headed off to the beach.

We set off shortly after only to make a quick U-Turn as Lala had forgotten to load up the drinks!
Jith went to get the drinks and off we went to the first spot.

Upon reaching the first spot, we noticed that we were in the midst of a huge school of baitfish. Captain said that there were a few tonnes of bait fish around us. First cast, Boom!!! Fish on!!! Mid way through the fight the hook dropped. Damn It! Jith was getting fish on his pintail as well but the kept coming off. Captain took a look at the lure and said that these were juveniles. Lala was on bait duty and slowly reeled up some bait fish for the Captain. We were a little disappointed cos we thought the bite would come in hard and fast. But we realized that the bait school was the size of a football field and the Tenggiris would be swimming around. Then out of the blue, i had a take. Boom! The line was peeling of the reel! Double hook up!!! Captain had on one his hand line on his bottom rig! Triple hook up!!! Jith was on!!! Lala was next to me checking out the action. Captain got cut his leader cut off first. Jith got his assist hook bitten off next. I was still on! Slowly i got the fish up. It surfaced a few meters from the boat. Our jaws hit the floor! Huge Tengirri! Captain came over to gaff the fish. Still in a state of disbelief, i had to be chided by the Captain to focus on getting the fish boat side. Fish was gaffed and then we noticed the split ring had opened up. High fives all around, as i just sat there and looked at my fish. Wow! Weighed in at 8kg.

As i took a break i saw Jith hook up. It was a Sailfish!!!!! But Jith got busted off. Short while later, Jith was on again!! Another smaller tenggiri on jig. Gaffed it and into the box it went. Capt Badol was on a roll after that, he kept hooking up on his bottom rig but would get cut off. They were not biting wire rigs. Still he managed to get a few sizable ones on the boat. An hour later, Jith hooked onto a big Chencaru and we were visited by a bunch of Mahi Mahi. I tried to get them to eat my jig but to no avail. Badol threw out a mangled fish and they gobbled it up. They were snacking on the abundant baitfish. Since my arm was sending me distress signals i removed the jig from my split ring and hooked on a small kembong which Lala had just caught and left it drift out. Both Jith and Lala, were wearing polarized sunglasses. They were on the look out for these Dorados while fishing. I felt my baitfish panic. I was seated in the middle of the boat. Boom!!!!! Fish on!!! Acrobatic display from the fish. I had tightened the drag on the Twinpower to 3/4 during the fight with the Tengirri, yet this fish was going haywire. Front to back, side to side. It was doing what ever it could to dislodge the hook. Double hook up! Captain was on with a Tengirri! I was at the front of the boat where i thought that i was safe enough with the Dorado to let him run and tire out. 10 minutes or so, the fish swam back slowly and was ready to be landed. As Jith was busy helping to gaff the Captain's fish, i had to wait for my turn. Big mistake! The Dorado got his second wind and headed straight for the Captain's lines! !@#$%$#@! went the Captain. Jith got the tengirri finally and i was free to yank in the Dorado. I got an earful from the Captain for failing to control my fish. I was thinking if i should explain but just apologized to end the matter. The thing about Captain Badol, is that he never keeps things in his heart. He will scold you if you make a mistake and thats the end of it. A minute later another Dorado was spotted, but i stayed put. He turned around to me and said, 'scared you kenna scold is it.' The boat erupted with laughter as i smiled sheepishly. For the next couple of minutes i became the deckie as both the Captain and Jith were hooking up one after another i barely had time to put my gaff down!

Captain hooked up a Tenggiri, and once i gaffed it, Jith was on! He brought up a Bonito on Jig. For those of you that have fished with Jith, will know how he loves to bait. But he was jigging his heart out this trip and was duly rewarded with his second Tenggiri. Captain brought up another good sized one before he got busted off 3 times in a row. Captain told me to join Jith and jig at the back of the boat as the current turned. We jigged for an hour non stop. Jith got a small cobia and i got a big fat Selar Papan. My arm was in discomfort but i decided to soldier on. I had my assist hook severed by a brute. 30 mins later i had to stop. I was getting a sharp pain everything i started jigging.

While the rest broke for lunch, i let out another fish to try to get a Tenggiri. The baitfish, slowly but surely was swimming back to the boat. I decided to reel it back and as the fish got closer to the boat a silhouette shot out from under the boat and grabbed the fish! Fish on!!! I suspected it was a Dorado as they were hanging around the boat feeding off the school that was around us. This fish was strong. It shot back under the boat as i pumped it out. The tug of war took a sudden twist in the fish's favor as the fish bolted under the boat and without warning made a sharp turn! Capt, told me this one must have gone to school. He went round the anchor rope. With a little bit of team work between the Captain, Jith and me, we freed the line and got the fish boat side. Jith netted the fish and the fish went ballistic! It broke the net! Flapping about on the back of the boat. Both Jith and i were 'tail slapped' around the ankles a few times. Captain knocked the fish out after watching the fiasco unfold and told us to get back to the targeted fish. Suddenly, Lala yelled. We saw that he was hooked on to a big fish on his sabiki rig. The fish had gone under the boat and up the other side. He was in a state of panic as he could not hold on to the rod with his injured hand. I saw the fish jump twice before the sabiki broke off. Another smaller Dorado. They were stalking the boat. We told Lala to take a break as the 3 of us resumed fishing. Jith hooked up the smallest Tengirri of the trip at 1kg.

We had to reposition later on. The Captain had lost 9 Tengirris in total. The most notable one was almost the same size as mine. As the Captain brought him up, I stood along side him ready with the gaff. It was a big fish. 5 feet away from the surface we lost the fish. He bit though the Captain's leader. !@#$%$#@! went the Captain, much to our amusement. The current was picking up and our 80g jigs were flying. We had to take short breaks as the jigging had started taking a toll on us. I was fishing in the front of the boat, while the Captain and Jith were at the back. I had a hit, and the fish dropped the hook. Ask i was reeling back another hit then nothing. My leader was sliced off clean. Jith took the front as i re-tied my leader. Couple of minutes later he was next to me re-tying his leader. Same thing happened to him. We lost a few more jigs, before Jith hooked up another 1kg Tengirri. This one was lost at boat side. Jith tried to lift the fish in and the fish bit off his assist hook. That was the last action of the day as we headed back after that. It was a fun trip and we can't wait to get back on his boat in a month's time.

Next week we will be at Fishing Paradise. The whole team will be there. If you are there say hi!

 My biggest Tenggiri on Jig. 8kg

Landed on a 60g Surecatch Flasher Jig

Jith and his first Tenggiri aka Spanish Mackerel 

My 1st Mahi Mahi!

 Jith like a BOSS with his Bonito

 He was on Fire!

Greedy Mahi Mahi

 Who da man? Jith da man!


Total Catch