A day out at Fishing Paradise

We planned a full day of fishing at Fishing Paradise after Jith won a free 12 hour fishing with a buddy package from www.fishingkaki.com. Carl, his son Colin, William and his brother, our friend Stephen aka Botak who was back visiting from Canada, Jith and Myself met up at 8am. We were joined by Lala, Adwin, Nick, Sara and Neek who visited at various times through the day. We all had a blast. Thanks to Edmund and team from http://www.fishingparadise.com.sg for their hospitality. Highlights of our trip include a 11kg Walking Catfish landed by me, an 8kg Pacu landed by Jith and a slightly smaller but equally feisty Pacu which was lost at landing by Stephen. Although some of the guys couldn't make it due to working commitments, it was great to meet up with everyone. Here's to more fun times fishing! Plenty of pictures. Enjoy!

Baits used:
Bread Skin - Patin, Rohu
Saba Fish - Toman, Walking Cat, Pacu
Taiwan Sausage - Toman, Walking Cat
Chicken Liver - Toman, Walking Cat
Pellets with bomb rig - Rohu, Patin ( This is a fishing paradise speciality for Carp)

1st Fish of the Day

Biggest fish of the day

Carl and his Patin


Father and Son Team

Our Red Head Bombshell 

Under his Dad's guidance. Spot a familiar face?

His Catch


Giving the fish a hard time on the baitrunner

Thats a big one!

Botak with his first Rohu

Another walking cat

Look who popped by!

Come out of retirement Nick!

Nick's Patin

Rod bending action


Nice Photo Nick Teo

Jith's new hairdo

 such concentration

 Sara in action. Good to see you bro

Complaining to my wife about only getting walking cats

Watching the action

Sara scooping Botak's catch

 Botak's Rohu

I love photos like these! @ Nick Teo

Weighted float with short leader


Sara being Sara

Scooping up a Patin

He would have eaten it!

Our friend's first time fishing

It won't be his last!

Baby Pacu

Walking Cat

Notice anything similar?

 My wife with a Patin

 Neek with another Patin

Patin number 2 for Kashie

Another Toman

Having another go



Jith's big Pacu. 

Double hook up

Sara finally posing with a fish! Rohu, last fish of theday


  1. Bro y recently nv see any cr from panjang pond? Is it still operating? Btw I remember u posted somewhere about his address, can u bring me to e post again? Can u also enlighten me the difficulties between pro and main pond? E.g like Pasir ris main pond e cr is so slow compare to its pro pond, but it seems that panjang main pond is much smaller in size.

  2. Hi Bro,

    I have not been fishing at Panjang Pond recently due to trips to Malaysia. I have also been invited by some friends to fish at Fishing Paradise. I do visit Panjang though. The pond currently operates from 6pm-6am Mon-Fri And 24 hours on Sat and Sun. Drop me an email @ isaiah@teamsaltheads.com and i will give you the address. Main pond is big, you need to figure out where the fish are holding. Once you do, you will be duly rewarded. Pro pond is smaller and fish are released more frequently in a day. So it is not hard to find the spot where the fish are holding. I would suggest that you fish close to structure as most of the species in the pond with the exception of the Pomfrets are ambush predators who will stick close to structure.

  3. I email u but nv hear from u.


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