Value for money Madai Jigs from Fishing Tackle Buy and Sell

 I picked up some Madai Jigs recently from a seller on fishing tackle buy and sell. Went to pick them up on Friday after work. They come in three colors. The ever popular Orange, Red and Silver. They come in 2 sizes, 120g and 150g. I opted to go with the 150g.

The first thing that drew me to these jigs was actually the eyes. They look very life like! 2nd thing was that it came with big carbon hooks as opposed to the smaller hooks you find on the Madai Jigs at tackle shops (most people change the stock hooks to bigger hooks anyways.) Only time will tell how the hooks fare, but in my opinion i think they would be able to bring up a decent sized fish without opening up. A quick dunk in a transparent beer bucket showed that the skirt flutters naturally on the drop and becomes stream lined when u lift the jig. Pretty decent for the price i paid. Can't wait to try them out on the next trip.

Colors: Red, Silver and Orange
Weight: 120g and 150g
Price: $7 (120g) $8 150g Minimum 10 pieces
Contact info: You can find his ad on Fishing Tackle Buy and Sell under the name Andrew Yeh

i got a dozen of them

Nice Colors

CRs from Andrew's Customers

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