No.2 FW 1 Main Pond - New Year's Bounty

Off day today, so i decided to drop by Panjang's Pond as 2 of my friends were fishing there. I had no time to fish due to some errands on the domestic front. As i was driving there, i got an sms. 'Frenzy Bro, come quickly.' I got there and what a sight to behold. I was speechless. Enjoy the Pictures.

1st Basket

2nd Basket

I was told that the fish came in at noon and were thrown in straight to the pond. Live Prawns were bait of the day. They began eating an hour later. I guess if anyone wants to go fish, tomorrow would be a good day. Do take note that they are closed from the 9th to the 12th of Feb. Business as usual on 13th Feb 8am. Tight Lines and Happy Lunar New Year.