SaltHeads Challenge 2012

Finally after months of planning and weeks of preparation, it was time for the SaltHeads Challenge 2012. We were almost at full capacity. The weather was great, the anglers were sporting and the fish were biting. ( although a little reluctantly.) After a quick briefing, the anglers took their places. Everyone casted out at 9am. The competition had begun. There was too much going so i can't list every thing down in detail, however i will give you guys the highlights. The platform area seemed to be the preferred choice for most anglers, but the reel screaming action was on the opposite bank where the GTs were patrolling. Red Snappers and Mangrove Jacks that were released as a bonus (read dinner) were hungry and feeding near the platform. The highlight of the first 30 minutes was Lala landing a milkfish. Unfortunately, i had decided before the competition that no points would be awarded for that species. He was bummed out, but got himself back into it with a couple of Barramundi. Both Jith and Adwin landed big Snapper and Barramundi shortly after.

At the hour mark, Sara and Adwin were tied. A couple of anglers were closing in on them. Some others had a little less luck. Some had still not registered a catch. We decided to entice the fish with some berley. Again, it seemed to work for some and not others. Edwin, landed the only Golden Pomfret of the day. As the day grew hotter, the bites slowed. Adwin's dad had caught up to within a point of him. Sara's lost GT meant that he was in 3rd. William had slowly crept into fourth. I announced that the first Grouper to be landed would be awarded 10 points. Peter almost had it, but got busted off.

The last 30 minutes proved to be dramatic. Adwin's dad moved into pole position with his next catch. His secret, was to used a different bait from everyone else. It was a strategy that paid off for him. Adwin was in second, and Jith and Sara were tied for 3rd. William was in fourth. Only 4 points separated 1st from 4th. The next fish would create some last minute drama. Unfortunately, the fish decided not to co-operate. Adwin's dad held on for the win, Adwin placed 2nd. William placed 5th and we were going to have a Fish Off  between Jith and Sara to decided 3rd and 4th.

The fish off almost ended as quickly as it started. The rule was that the fish landed would win. Sara with a take as soon as his bait hit the water, but the fish dropped the hook. The next 30 minutes were slow and uneventful. A school yard pick was done to help the 2 out. Sam and i were fishing for Sara and Jag and Lala were fishing for Jith. I got a GT at the pump and thought i had won it for Sara but the hook didn't set, Jith hooked on to a greedy Barra and that was game over. What an end to the day.

Briefing before cast off

Milkfish for Lala

Marcus releasing the milkfish

 Barra for my father in law

Hot Spot

Eddy's first catch

Danny's first catch

Fish on!

Golden Snapper

Gut hooked so a point was deducted

William with his first

Today's most sporting angler. Tough luck but he was a great sport!

 Racing off to an early lead

 In the lead so can pose for photo



 This is Jag having his first dance with a GT

Danny switching spots

Our ninja Sam with a Barra

 His persistance paid off


Mangrove Jack for Dinner!

 Franklin the Zen Master

 His first fish after 90 mins. What a screamer.

Took him round the pond. Foul hooked.

Carl at the platform

Who is going to get the fish?

Shoulder to shoulder

Morgan landing one as Jith hooks onto one

Oh Yeah!


The rebels


What the hell is that?

The Bosses with their stylo pose

How come Adwin is getting all the fish?

Here is another pic of Lala's milkfish

Who will claim it?

Awaiting collection

 Hi there! 


Morgan's 60 second GT jacking

2nd one

Lemuel assisting Jag with his 3rd GT

Barra hotel

Everyone thought she got the grouper

Big Goldie

Finally subdued



Dental Procedure

 Tried everything he could but the grouper didn't want to play

Jag really likes them GTs


 Tying a rig

 Fish Off!


Officiating the Fish Off

Hot Sun!

Damn that fish!

Patiently waiting for the fish off to end

Meanwhile my assistant Colin and i went phototaking

 One with the father in law

Eddy is a cool dude!

The Champ with his hands full!!

 Beaten by a point.

Father and Son 

 Meet the latest member of Team Salheads! :)

His golden Barra!

After a 30 minute fish off this fish won Jith 3rd place


Sara looking at what was almost his :P

 We are the SaltHeads (Missing a few here)

 The top 3

Congratulations to Mr Andrew Tay!!! The Champion of the SaltHeads Challenge 2012. His son, Adwin Tay finished in 2nd. Jith placed 3rd. Sara placed 4th and William 5th. I would like to thank all the participants for being so sporting and making this event entertaining. My apologies that we could not land more than the 83 fish caught today. Last but not least, We would like to thank Rapala and for supporting the event.  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.
Tight Lines Always

-The SaltHeads

*Photos courtesy of Nicholas Teo and Kashie Krystal*


  1. very nice pics and loads of fun as well ! Congrats on the successful event !


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