No.2 FW1 C&R Pond - Zerek Live Shrimp

Just got my hands on some Zerek Live Shrimp lures. I have been reading lots of positive reviews about this lure and seen countless pictures of fish caught on the Live Shrimp. I chose the smaller 89mm, 7g version and went down to Dave's Pond.

A simple slow retrieve seems to be the best approach. Cast out the shrimp and let it sink. Then SLOWLY, reel it in. I got most of my fish today, with this method. I also tried letting it sink to the bottom and then give it a hard snap, reel in the slack and let it sink to the bottom again and repeat. This doesn't seem to be as effective as the earlier method but the take can be expected on the drop. One word of advice, when you are using this lure in a pond setting, do not rig it weedless. Push the hook out so that it sticks out of the body. From my personal experience today, i find that when rigged weedless the hook does not set well, and this results in the fish dropping the lure mid-way through the fight. I lost two GTs due to this.

When there was some action on the surface, i casted out the shrimp and started retrieving with my rod facing up in a 45 degree angle. The GTs were chasing and taking nips at the lure but you have to set the hook fast or they will spit it out and swim away. I lost many GTs this way as i did not react in time.

The most memorable part of today's session was casting out and getting a backlash. Just as i was about to finish clearing the backlash, the lure which had sunk to the bottom was taken by a huge Golden Snapper. I finally managed to subdue it after a couple of minutes. As i grabbed the leader and called out to Nick, i could see the hook was barely on the lips. One last head shake, and he was free. Bummer!!! It was at least 4-5kg. I was mostly getting snappers on the lure. Many times i would just drop the lure below the platform and boom!!! Fish on!!! I guess they really look like the live prawn we use as bait.

As i was using my new baitcasting setup, (newbie baitcaster! haha!) i spent a fair bit of time clearing backlash. ( After a while with Nick's guidance i overcame the backlash issue!) I will use the Zerek Live Shrimp again when i visit Panjang's Pond. Stay tuned.

The Zerek Saltwater Series also features The Long Trail and Tide Trail lures. 

I would recommend a moderate retrieve with twitches and pauses for the Long Trail. The Tide Trail is a sinking lure with a fluttering action when it drops. A lift and drop method works well with this lure. Lift, reel in the slack and let it sink to the bottom. Be alert on the drop and when the lure hits the bottom. I got most of the hits during these two moments. And as always, try luring close to structure. Chances are that the fish are hiding there. Unless there is a feeding frenzy, casting into the middle of the pond is not likely to get you any fish. With the exception of the GTs, the rest of the fish usually found in ponds, like Snapper, Mangrove Jacks, Barramundi and Groupers are all Ambush Predators. They will stick close to structure and when an unsuspecting victim (or your lure) comes along. Boom!!!

Long Trail

Greedy ol' Barra

Sorry for the bad pic

Tide Trail, lift and drop method at platform

Same lure diff fish!

My favorite of the Saltwater Craft Series

The Barra X

You can find out more about the Zerek Lures here.


  1. Hi,
    i am just wondering where you purchased those Zerek Tide trail lures. Called up Siow Chiang,Joe's and Changi pro but all ran out of stock.


  2. Hi Nat,

    I got them from Siow Chiang awhile back.



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