Zerek Tamer Light Jerker

Recently i have been unable to fish frequently due to other commitments. I occasionally manage to head out for a spot of Peacock Bass fishing at dawn or some cast netting if i am free at night and the tide is favorable. Since our last trip to Desaru was cut short by bad weather and strong currents, we decided to give it another shot and booked our usual boatman for a day trip on Kenneth's birthday.

Heeding the advise of the boatman during our last trip, we checked the tides and chose a day with the best possible tide and current. The weather is out of our control, so i guess we have to take it as it is on that day.

I'm down sizing my tackle once again. This time, i got a Zerek Tamer Light Jerker from Siow Chiang. Melvin, who i have fished with before at FW1, happens to work there and he strongly recommended this rod. There were two version available the PE1-3 and PE0.8-1. I went with the latter. I already have a MajorCraft Crostage which is PE0.8-2, so i wanted to try something lighter.

It is a 1 piece rod that is 6 feet, and has a fast tip. The guides are Fuji. It cost roughly the same as a MajorCraft Crostage but it comes with a 2 year limited warranty. I will post some pictures and a proper review once i have had a chance to try it. Sorry for the poor quality pictures. They were taken with my phone camera.

Zerek is Siow Chiang's Housebrand

Light Jerker

Length: 6'0" Jig Weight: 4oz Line: PE0.8.1

I was supposed to go try it @ Dave's Pond but they were closed. When i went over to say Hello to Panjang, he was kind enough to let me catch a fish at his pro pond. Not a very big fish, but a fat little Red Snapper. Here is a little video of the rod in action at Panjang's Pro Pond. Sorry for the Video Quality. Jith Sucks! Wahahaha. 

Next Sunday we will be taking part in the AJN Competition @ Dave's Pond from 9am - 11am. After that we will be heading over to Panjang's Pro Pond for an unofficial Saltheads Gathering from 12pm-3pm. Normal Charges Apply. ($50 for 3 Hours, Live Bait and Lures) All are welcomed to join us. Just drop me an sms if you are coming. 92981083- Isaiah


  1. nice looking rod u got there.
    nice red snapper too.


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