SaltHeads' "Heaviest Catch" Competiton.

The weather was great, the air was full of anticipation. The pond was abuzz with excitement. The anglers were briefed on the competition rules. Each one silently wishing for the biggest fish. Unfortunately, the fish were not very co-operative.  Despite the mediocre catch, it was an extremely fun session with both old and new friends.

arriving at dawn to prepare for the competition.


My two lovely assistants. 

The guys getting ready.

Cast off!

 First fish of the day caught by Donald!

Panjang and i watching all the fun. 


Sam's first fish

Raziz and his first catch

Fish on for Jith!

Little Aaron getting in on the action.

Aaron's first catch

Jag with a feisty one.

make that a small and feisty one.

Finally Sara with a fish as Lala looks on.

Darren's first fish

The magic man.

Look at that bend!

Donald with another.

Jith introducing his friend to the camera.

The first 'biggie' of the day. He was forced to pose with Kenneth's beauty.

My assistant's moment of magic.

Ken with his 'Biggie'

Lala in on the action after several burst lines.

He was no one's fish for awhile.

Big fish = Happy Angler

This man was on a roll!

Posing with the catch

Finally one of his own to pose with.

And another one for Donald 

Raziz with his 2nd . 

Sam was on a roll 

He lost a grouper, so he was mean to the other fishes. 

Mid-day catch for Aaron. 

Rain was coming. 

Joint 3rd with their Golden Snappers! 

2nd prize for Kenneth with his Red Snapper @ 2.9kg. 

He won it by a whisker, Ken with 1st Prize with his 3kg Golden Snapper

Aaron went home with 3 Snappers. Salthead in training. :) 

Finally got him to pose with his fish. 

Grouper Bait. 

Letting him know that only 4 out of the 10 'biggies' were landed (2 lost due to broken lines) 

Since i didn't get to fish during the competition, I continued with some of the team mates after lunch. Here is the catch in one of our baskets. 

Was great to see everyone smiling despite the slow action. Special thanks to Kenneth's colleagues, William and Family, Tan, Donald, Darren, Dean, Raziz and Ken from Fishing Kaki for joining us. Hope to fish with you guys again soon! Tight Lines! 

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    3. Corrected the Mix up between Donald and Darren. :) Thanks for pointing it out to me anonymous.

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