Shimano Evair Water Shoes

I have been looking at these shoes online for quite some time. When i accompanied Sam to get his Ultegra   Reel, i got to see them up close. They looked comfortable and the price was reasonable, plus they could get my size ( i wear US 12s). So i settled on the new Black/Yellow design. ( i had originally wanted the grey camo which i saw in the Shimano open house, but it was sold out for my size.) So i placed the order with the Aunty from Sincere Tackle, ( they are located in Yishun.) and she told me i would get the shoes in a couple of days.

After 3 days, i got a call from her. She told me i could go and collect my shoes. Yay!!! So i went down and collected my shoes. The Aunty was actually kind enough to bring in a plain grey version for me to look at since the Grey camo was out of stock. Told her to put me on the list for a pair of camo shoes, picked up a copy of Fish On ( This is a new Singaporean fishing magazine, which features articles from the world over. And at $5 bucks it's a steal for a good read) and went home to try out the new shoes. (Actually, once i left the shop and got to my car, i put them on!)

Went to meet some friends at the beach and decided to test the shoes. The first thing i have to mention is how soft the EVA material is. My friends said they look a lot like crocs but i can tell you that these shoes do not feel at all like crocs. They also come with removable insoles. So i waded in and walked around for a bit. The shoes don't slip off and they are light weight. You don't get that heavy feeling you get with normal slippers. One thing to take note of is that the insoles become slippery when wet. I suppose this will wear off once it becomes seasoned. I also tested the grip of the soles when i climbed up the wet breakwater. The grip was firm. However, i lost my balance for a second and landed awkwardly on the ground. I felt my left shoe had become loose. I saw that the strap at the side of the shoe had torn off. Upon closer inspection, i actually realized that the side strap was not stitched on properly (unlucky me!) like the one on the right shoe. Small matter, nothing my cobbler can't fix! Overall, i'm pretty happy with the shoes. Can't wait for the Grey camo version to arrive!  I hope that the stitching issue is a one off. But only time will tell i suppose.

Washed clean after my little expedition. Note the strap that is torn on the left shoe.


  1. Hi, May i know where the shop is located at?

    Thank you

  2. Hi,

    Sincere Tackle is located at #01-187, BLk 744 Yishun Street 72, (S)760744


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