Angler's Paradise

After a late night supper with my wife and sister at Punggol Marina ( where fishpal is at). I stopped by Angler's Paradise to check it out. They have a total of 4 ponds.

Pond number 1 & 2
These are for prawning. The usual bait and prawning methods apply. While i was there there were 2 people prawning but no hook ups.

Pond number 3
This is the patin pond. You pay $5 for a rod which is attached with line/leader/hook. You can continue to fish for as long as your leader dosen't break. This pond was pretty crowded with about 5 people. I noticed that everyone was not using bait and instead were employing a modified jigging method. It looked more like they were trying to foul hook the fishes. Nothing was landed while i was there, although the fish could be seen surfacing.

Pond number 4
This is a saltwater pond and features Red Snapper, Golden Snapper, Pomfret and Red Drum. ( in smaller sizes.) You pay $8 for the same rod used in the patin pond. The rules are the same. You can carry on fishing until the leader breaks. Here all the 4 anglers present were using live Prawns. No takes here as well. But you can see the fish swimming around.

If you really have time and cash to spare and don't mind waiting long for a bite, you can try fishing here. I wouldn't do it myself as the ponds are over crowded and running around trying to land the fish will be a tad too hard. I managed to get some pictures and you can have a look and judge for yourselves.

Saltwater pond and prawning pond.

Prawning pond in the front, patin pond in the back.