It was my birthday and i decided that instead of going out and partying as usual that i'd call my friends and family to go on a day trip onboard the SwiftLady. For those of you that are unaware, SwiftLady is skippered by Uncle Anthony. He has more than 30yrs experience as a boat captain, and is renowned for his trips to Horsburg Lighthouse and Eastern Banks. His catch reports on the local forums are known for the quality of fishes caught. Well enough rambling, here are the photos.
  She is docked at pier 3 Punggol Marina Country Club

     Swift Lady

   Bro-in-law with a Snapper

       That's Captain Anthony, he is a funny dude.

   Botak with a Grunter

  Jith and the 1st of his Groupers

   My sis caught a pretty big one too.

i got a nice red snapper

  My dad with his first Grouper

 Not to be outdone, My Father-in-law with a grouper of his own

 Like father, like daughter. My wife and her Grouper.

Group photo with the Groupers.

out from the sea into the freezer

If you don't have the luxury of going offshore for 2 or 3 days, you should definitely book Captain Anthony's SwiftLady for a day trip. The boat is big and spacious and can easily hold 10 anglers. It has a nice clean toilet and an air conditioned bunk. The aunty, who is also his deckhand, makes delicious fried chicken wings, fried ginger, noodles and a killer chilli sauce. Two thumbs up for the SwiftLady! :)