Saltheads Heaviest Catch Competition.

Ok Guys, here are the finalized details.

Date: 2nd June 2012
Time: 8am - 1pm
Location: No.2 FW1 Pro Pond
Competition Format: Heaviest Catch
Prizes: 1st - $300, 2nd - $200, 3rd - $100
Cost per Rod: $108 (20 rods max)

Pond Rules:
Single Hook Rigs
Live Bait only

Bait Available at the pond:
Live Prawn

Our Rules:
Good Sportsmanship
Be considerate to the guys fishing next to you

Additional Info:
*There are 10 of us in the group so that leaves 10 slot available. 
*18th of May will be the final date to join in as Panjang requires two weeks time to order the fish. 
*We have to pay for the fish when we order it. 
*A small deposit will be required via bank transfer to secure a slot. ( Easy to keep track and transparent for both me and the participant.) 
*All fishes you land are yours. 
*If you pay the deposit and want to pull out later on, you can do so by getting someone else to take over your slot. This is to be fair to the rest of the participants so we do not need to fork out more money.
*If you are AGREEABLE to all the above and wish to join us, please email me at

Thank You.

I do not work at this pond. i only fish there.
If you do not think that you agree with the format or rules Do Not Participate.


Due to a family emergency of 1 kaki, 2 slots have become available. Those who are interested please sms me @ 92981083 to reserve a slot. Thanks.