Pasir Ris Fishing Pond

So this is where it all started again, after a long hiatus from fishing, Jith convinced me to go pond fishing with him. I was never been a big fan of pond fishing back then. All it took was one big snapper, a pretty intense fight and a poor landing by a complete stranger to get me hooked again. And this time it was for good.

This is known as Pasir Ris Main Pond or PRMP for short. It has to be the biggest and most popular fishing pond in Singapore. It also boasts a Pro pond, a Catch and Release pond, A pole rod pond, a skills pond ( the one where you use a prawning rod to land fishes) and a prawning section. It is located conveniently next to Pasir Ris Mrt and Whitesands mall. Well here are some photos of our very first trip there.

Jith got off to a good start with 3 in the first hour

                                                        i believe this is his first ever fish.

Took him awhile to break his duck, but he finally did it. with a nice red drum on my rod

My wife gracing us with her presence after work

I dont know how i landed this red drum with a broken reel.

Showing off our total catches

My total catches for the day. 2 red drums, 2 mangrove jacks 1 golden snapper.

                                                        Catches from the pole rod pond

This pond and it's management has come under heavy criticism recently. Even though i don't frequent this pond as much as before, i still love to wander around the pond watching other people fish. Recently we took part in a fishing competition organized by our friend's company at the pro pond. We came in 4th and 6th with 2 red drums. :) unfortunately we dont have photos of the total catch as we gave away all the fishes our fellow contestants who did not have a good catch as we were headed to FW1 to join the rest of the group for another fishing session.

                                                               the happy winners

                                                                     Their Prizes