No.2 FW1 Pro Pond - Triple Threat!

Made an early morning phone call to Panjang check if he had milkfish in stock.

Me: Panjang, got milkfish?
Panjang: Have big one only.
Me: Ok
Panjang: You faster come, I put 10 gao inside. Water very good.

Picked, Jith and Stephen up. Got Panjang his Kopi. And off we went. Reached the pond at about 8am. Saw some guys already wetting their lines at the main pond. Set up our stuff, got some milkfish and started fishing at our favorite Grouper spot. In less than 3 mins i had a massive take, but the bugger managed to get into the tunnels to cut me off! !@#$#@! Couple of minutes later, Stephen had a take about a meter away from where i was, unfortunately the fish spat the hook out after a brief fight. We both re-baited, and went off to try for some snappers instead.

Stephen's float went down, then came back up, then went down, and came back up. He was looking pretty excited, so i told him it's a smaller fish, wait till the float disappears before you strike. I guess his excitement got the better of him. His strike was rushed, but the fish was on. Jith and i were laughing at the way he was trying to land the fish. (He is pretty new to fishing.) Up came a pretty looking red snapper. He tried to lift the fish out using his rod and it fell back into the pond! Wahahahahaha... After some cussing and swearing, he went off to be emotional in a corner. I got a decent sized Ang Chor after that.

Jith's float had not moved at all since his first cast. So he went to check if his commando (Read as big and fiercely active) milkfish was still alive. It looked as though his hook had gotten stuck on something. But the moment he gave it a jerk, the line peeled out of his reel. The fish was heading into the tunnels! He locked his drag and pumped the bugger out. It was a grouper, that probably fell asleep after gobbling the commando milkfish.

Jith went on a rampage after that, landing 4 red snappers in a row at the same spot in quick succession.

Fish Release:

We stood there for a good 5 minutes with the rods in our hand. No Bites..... Jith went back to his Hot Spot, while Stephen and i continued the waiting in front of the nets. Then it started, the sound of my float being sucked under water. The frenzy had begun!!! In the next few minutes, Stephen and i were taking turns to land golden snappers and mangrove jacks, while Jith sat and watched looking cool in his  shades! :P Then he made a comment.

Jith: Eh, you see all the fish Lala(Stephen's nickname) catch....
Me: yeah
Jith: All deformed....
Stephen: Where got?
Jith: You cock eyed just like the fish you catch la. 2 of your fish 1 eye only.

Stephen was busy landing another fish so he didn't reply. Once the fish was landed, he exclaimed, !@#$##@! WTF i kenna another one without lower jaw. (He caught a similar fish without the lower jaw a few weeks back)

Jith: You mutant fish lover!
Me: Wahahahahahahahaha.... ( i was landing a fishing at the same time)

I laughed to soon i suppose. We landed a couple more snappers and then it started to drizzle... And drizzle heavily... Within minutes it was pouring.... We left our rods in the stands and scrambled to put away our stuff into my car, while Jith went to put two fishes which died into the fridge. We took shelter near the bait tanks, and counted our catch. Then we finally noticed 2 of the 3 floats were missing. Wheee!!!! fish on in the rain. Landed two more fishes, a red snapper and a smaller grouper. (both gut hooked! ouch!) Since it was raining and we were hungry, we released the last 3 milkfish and went to grab a bite.

Bait: Milkfish
Total Catches: 17
6 Red Snappers, 3 Mangrove Jacks, 6 Golden Snappers, 2 Groupers (1 red snapper and small grouper not in picture as they were landed after the picture was taken.)

Gear Used
Jith: Eupro Salty Fighter/ Shimano Ultegra C3000
Stephen: Eupro Salty Chief/Aernos XT 2500
Isaiah: Majorcraft Crostage/ Penn Battle 4000