Jigs for Desaru

Kenneth, Jith and me are heading to Desaru for some light jigging. Here are some of the Jigs we have bought. In no particular order; Asari cast fighter jigs, Angler's pal deflector/angle killer jigs, Storm thunder jig, Surecatch flasher jigs, some jigs we got from JB, White Rabbit jigs and the infamous and expensive Ima Gun jigs. These are all 40g jigs. (We do have a few heavier ones which are not pictured.)

We also have some assist hooks from Angler's pal and Shout ( both not pictured.) A tip when buying assist hooks. Make sure the length of the assist hook covers a little more than 1/2 the jig and the gape of the hook is wider than your jig. (Words of wisdom from the guys at Changi Pro.)

Rods: ( All 6')
Eupro Salty Fighter x 2 PE0.8-2
Eupro Salty Chief x 2 PE0.8-2
Majorcraft Crosstage PE0.8-2
Majorcraft Crosstage PE1-3

Reels: (all loaded with 15-20lbs power pro)
Shimano Ultegra x 3
Shimano Stradic
Daiwa Ballistic
Penn Battle

Leader: Galis 30lbs flourocarbon

Will post the CR when we are back. In the mean time if you wanna know about Desaru... Check this blog out. http://baktao.blogspot.com/ this is a very informative blog and the author goes on many fishing expeditions. It is my fav fishing blog so far. Happy reading :)