Dave's Pond

This is the best C&R pond in Singapore in my opinion. Even on bad days, after heavy rain, you will still hit fish. As the name suggests, this pond belongs to a guy called Dave. (I think he has partners who share in the pond) Dave is a well known luring enthusiast in the local fishing scene and has a shop, aptly named Lure Haven in Beach Road. The one thing about Dave, is that he cares for his fish. That means only circle hooks, no unnecessary keeping of fish out of the water (if the fish swallows the hook, no photo.), or using boga grips on certain fish like pomfrets and he always tries to revive them before sending them on their way. This is probably why his fish are pound for pound the best fighters among all the C&R ponds. There is also the matter of the platform that is built into the pond. Most of the fish will dash beneath it, once close by. This results in burst lines and at times broken rods. Adequate skill is required,  when the fish dashes under. Beware, this pond is highly addictive.

  once in awhile u get a big milkfish.
 botak with his queensland
    and... demonic GT!
Red Drum
Seabass boy... with his seabass.
     finally landed a GT on his second session.
They love dashing under the platform...
  Beware the fangs on this one...
sometimes they are small and cute...

Here is some info on this pond.
By appointment only. A deposit will be required.
Each session is 2 hours long, i don't think an extension is allowed
You can bring your own dead baitfish like kembong or kunning.
Single hook lures or De-barbed Size 5/0 Circle hooks only.
1-2 anglers - $250
3-4 anglers - $300
5-6 anglers - $400